" The seven musicians clothe joyous melodies with a full sound,that is hardly ever heard with such fullness."
Tagesspiegel Berlin

" The group conquered the audience...
Such force,passionate,yet with solos full of feeling."
Freie Presse Plauen

" Fresh, not pious and free."
Folker, The Musicmagazin

" What started as a concert ended up as a big fiesta with a happy dancing audience. Good mood, party-atmosphere and music in the best mexican tradition. "
Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

"The Mariachis main objective is to support the development of Mexican music in its own style-free of popularistic touches,instead with much sensivity as possible."
Berliner Morgenpost

"The singers, whether soloistic or in the choir sing with a touch of nostalgic feeling. The violins play with spontaneity and vigour and mix a European Rokoko galanty style into their talent. Mariachi dos Mundos-Thumbs up! Great!"
Music5 D Tschechien

"Asi es la vida excells in a brilliant recording of such impressive “musical otherness“ and a incredible variety of repertoire."
El Pais ,Spain

"The story of sucess of the musicians from the two worlds is beeing continued."
Berliner Zeitung

"The seven musicians are excellent experts on their instruments."
Sächsische Zeitung

"El Jugador...fantastic brilliant CD! Splendid, staggering work - incredibly bright impression! "
Sergej Tikhanoff, Radio Penguin Novosibirsk